Restaurant in Sifnos: Medusa

    Welcome to Cyclades, Greece and enjoy your stay in the beautiful island of Sifnos

    Our restaurant is located in Sifnos island, one of the most calm and undiscovered places of the world. Our recipes are inspired from traditional local dishes, Greek cuisine and Mediterranean flavors.

    The Founder

    Helen Tsavala

    DiscoverSifnos Through Taste

    Traditional & spiritual Greek dining experience
    In our cafe – restaurant you will enjoy Greek and Mediterranean flavors. But mostly you will get to know and taste traditional Sifnos gourmet dishes from our experienced chefs. Every day fresh seafood, biological salads, breakfast, sandwiches and special main courses such as the “medusa”a unique pasta inspired from the greek myth of Medusa with black tagliatelle, shrimp, tomato sauce and parsley or the “traditional Sifnos” soup slowly cooked in a wood oven for 16 hours…








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    We created a warm and friendly place for our customers so they can relax and enjoy our collection of flavors.

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